The circular economy guide

Why, where and how to start implementing circularity practices across the company

A circular economy model requires an almost complete transformation of our current linear or take-make-waste system. Today’s economic system needs to shift in order to achievesustainable development.We need to ask ourselves questions such ashow we manage our resources, how do we make and use products, and what do we do with all these materials afterwards.

The context for circularity is growing, but is still not enough. The imperative for more social and economic entities to take a lead for the future of our planet is still too little.Unless we radically transform how we use resources and materials to satisfy our needs, we cannot meaningfully cut emissions. Consumers, businesses and politicians all need to make changes.

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The circular economy guide

In this guide we will analyze the different principles that sustain the premise of the circular economy, the current regulaotry, economic and social context, and the business case for implementing circularity in the sustainability and corporate strategy.  

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