Frequently Asked Questions

DoGood is is a tool to digitise the ESG impact of employees and improve the sustainable reputation of companies.
For the employee, it materialises in an App to meet the sustainable objectives set by the company and assigned to each individual department or employee.

DoGood can be downloaded on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) only. Both IOS como Android through the official shops.


Through the app, employees will be able to perform sustainable challenges and other actions for which they will earn points.
These actions can be shared on a private social wall. The users who complete the most challenges (and allocate the points earned to social projects, explained below) will climb up in the global ranking.
The points must be contributed to the social projects of your program in order to move up the ranking.


A challenge consists in completing a sustainable action (widely speaking: beneficial for the environment, society, health…). This action will be justified by uploading a photo or comment to the app, which will be published on the wall to share it and encourage the rest of the participants to do the same.
Each challenge has a series of different points: The more special or complicated it is, the more points it will be worth.

It is a type of action very similar to the challenge: it consists of carrying out a sustainable action ( widely speaking: beneficial for the environment, society, health…), which will be justified by uploading a photo or comment to the app. The aim of the self-challenge is to publish the individual actions of each user, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and, in this way, encourage their peers to do the same.
Unlike normal challenges, there is no catalogue of self-challenges. All users can make as many self-challenges as they want throughout the programme. Each self-challenge has an associated score of 1 point.

The impact goal is a quota set by the company for each employee, department and/or the company itself, which must be met in order to obtain the DoGood Sustainable Certificate and for the employee to be accredited as a Sustainable Employee.
The company focuses on the responsibility that the user has within the company to help meet the company’s Sustainable Goals, thus offering them the opportunity to participate in the company’s Sustainable Strategy.

There is no time limit for completing challenges. From the moment a challenge is shown as Active within your Challenges screen, it will appear in your listing and you will be able to complete it until the end of the programme. (DoGood subscriptions usually last for 1 year).
There are flash challenges that offer a points bonus for a limited amount of time. Once the time limit has expired, the user will still be able to complete the challenge but will have lost the bonus.

In the app you will find a section called Challenges, You will be able to see them grouped under weeks or other concepts. You will see some with the title Active. These are the new challenges that you can complete. Once you complete a challenge, its status will change to Completed

If you detect inappropriate behaviour, or an inappropriate comment or photo, you can report it within the publication itself, using the “Report” button. We will receive your report and take appropriate action.

Each time you complete a challenge, you will have to justify its completion through a comment or a photo (this will depend on the type of challenge). This publication will be reflected on the Wall.
The wall is not public outside the DoDood app. There is a personal wall for each company and it can only be accessed by users of the company itself.

If you have any problems accessing your Camera Roll or camera, make sure you check the permissions on your mobile device, so that you can give DoGood access to the camera and upload your photos and posts. If the problem is different, you can contact and we will help you resolve the issue.

In the event that the subscription includes the Donations section, the money allocated to the donation of the projects within the App will belong to the company that has contracted DoGood.
This money will usually be managed within the company’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) department, as a measure of social collaboration, and will be made available to its employees so that, through DoGood, they themselves can decide to which projects to allocate it.

There is no minimum or maximum number of points you can donate.
You can go to the “projects” section at any time and donate the points you want to the projects you want.
When a project is completed it means that it cannot receive any more donations, so you can donate your points to other causes.

The projects, as well as the participating NGOs, are selected by the company itself.

Some companies ask their employees beforehand if they are already collaborating with a project or NGO in order to propose them in DoGood. If this is your case, we advise you to contact your company’s CSR or HR manager

The only criteria that will be taken into account to move up in the ranking are the points donated or used to vote for the projects published in each program.
With equal points, the criteria for the tie-breaker will be the time of completion of the challenge, the goods and the comments you give and receive.