Guide for building a sustainability culture

How can a company start building a sustainability culture across the organization?

It is increasingly difficult, if not impossible to escape the question of sustainability, both at an individual level and in the many entities that encompass our societies, including, of course, companies. Regardless of their size or sector, the corporate and financial world is rapidly beginning to understand there is no profitability nor long term survival if sustainability is not part of the general strategy . But how can a company make sustainability part of their identity and culture across the organization?

The journey to build a sustainability culture begins with a vision that understands sustainability as a core value of the organization. Because values are precisely what drive people in life overall.

However, it is essential that we can translate these values onto tangible elements in order to work with people through specific practices. This is, take the organizational sustainable values and engage people into adopting them as theirs too. But how?

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A guide for building a sustainability culture

In this guide we will analyze the importance of anchoring sustainability across the company, as well as a practical guide on where to begin building a sustainability culture.  

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