Sustainable Leadership Guide

Why do companies need sustainable leaders?

Everyday the compromise of companies wth stakeholder is increasingly relevant, but so is the compromise with the environment and society. This makes organizations look for a global vision in order to determine which is the best direction to take in order to achieve sustainability.

In order for companies to build a path that can lead them to sustainability, they need people that inspire others to look for an objective which primary approach is sustainability.

Currently, the world demands practical attitudes, different to those of the conventional business world. Consequently, the image of a sustainable leader that includes social responsibility and sustainability strategies onto the organization has become a need for companies.

The importance of sustainable leadership keeps growing in the quest for building a future based upon the three main pillars of sustainability (economy, society and environment). Is these kind of leaders that think about the world beyond just numbers, at the same time as having an important role in economic terms. Is essential that growth should be continuous and approached in a responsible way i rider to meet the world’s needs and demands.

Some of the main traits of sustainable leadership are:

  • High compromise with the environment and society
  • Conflict, communication and problem solving management skills
  • Prioritizes people as they are considered the main asset of the company
  • Generates health and wellbeing to the people of the organization
  • Aligned with the mission, vision and values
  • Creates an image of the future and defines where to take organizations
  • Takes out the best in each person

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Sustainable Leadership Guide

Through this guide we want to show the primary obstacle and situations companies must face in order to achieve sustainable leadership. In the latter we have included recommendations about how to tackle this change and also action that can be carried out to get to this goal.

Companies must be aware of the necessity to include a sustainable vision in the business strategy, and realize that they are agents of change when it comes to including a triple approach to sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

We also propose some actions that can be carried out by companies to motivate sustainable leadership inside the organization, and we share some example of sustainable leaders, each of them with the objective of transforming the world that we know by creating a positive impact.

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