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There is no greater sign of business success than looking at the employee experience and how it relates to the values and goals of the organization, including, of course, corporate sustainability. 

Introducing corporate sustainability to all employees can be tricky, but it is nonetheless a very necessary step towards achieving a responsible business status.

That being for regulatory purposes or for an improved reputation, sustainability makes businesses better, more profitable, more productive, and, perhaps most importantly, it makes people engaged with its core purpose and values. 

This is why a corporate sustainability software could become the answer to not only a lack of engagement in ESG matters, but to an overall better and healthier employee experience. Let’s take a look at how. 

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What a good employee experience looks like

In order to understand how a corporate sustainability software can help improve the employee experience, we first need to understand what a good employee experience looks and feels like. 

The employee experience is, after all, the reflection of every interaction an individual might have with the organization; from salary to recognition and self-growth, there are many things companies need to tackle. 

The experience of employees starts even before they join the organization, and may never end, as they can talk about said experience with the company long after they’re gone, which makes the latter even more relevant. 

Engage employees in the sustainability strategy

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4 signs of a good employee experience

Precisely because of the broad nature of what the employee experience entails, it is hard to break down everything that makes up a good and effective management of every employee’s lived experience in the company, but we’ll try our best. 

Based upon what makes a good workplace culture and what people demand from their employers, here are 4 signs that your are building a good employee experience: 

A culture of support and diversity

Employees want to feel safe, and for that matter, every individual wants to feel safe and welcome wherever they go, more so in the workplace where they are likely to spend a big portion of their days and lives.

In order to build this companies might need DEI policies and initiatives, a strong system and net of support, as well as processes that ensure safety and non-discrimination which are embedded in every single aspect of the company. 

Transparency and communication

Employees need to be able to voice their concerns and demands. The logic here is quite simple: taking employees’ words to build the experience that they need and want is the smartest and fastest way to get to improve the overall employee experience, and therefore talent attraction and retention.

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Empowered and independent employees

Control and follow-up processes are key instruments for good people management, however, any excess of the latter may result in a lack of autonomy and proactiveness from employees, meaning they’d be less likely to bring new things onto the table.

When employees feel empowered they are eager to make new suggestions and work independently and efficiently, which in turn makes their experience in the company feel freeing and supportive, and one that leaves space for growth. 

Meaningful and purposeful work

Arguably one of the most important aspects of the employee experience is that of the actual work that employees have to deal with and work hard for every day.

Finding purpose in what we do and in the values we help sustain with it is a crucial part of any human experience. This is why the key to a successful employee experience is making sure there is a clearly defined purpose the company is working for. 

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Sustainability and the employee experience

It is quite difficult to separate sustainability from the corporate world. Legal regulations, social demands and international organizations are all headed towards the same goal for a better and healthier planet. 

In this scenario, companies’ leadership cannot be the only part of a company bearing the weight of ESG in their shoulders, and instead should work for it to be embedded in the organization’s DNA as well as in employees’ day to day activities. 

But a sustainable workplace is more than one that takes care of the planet, it is in fact aimed to become a diverse, welcoming and socially responsible entity that leverages all employees to achieve sustainable company objectives. 

Using a corporate sustainability software to improve the employee experience

Granted that technology can help ease, automate and monitor many processes, why not use software technology to do the same for sustainability and its impact on employees’ work and experience? 

A key to a good employee experience, as well as a successful sustainability strategy is for it to be embedded in every single process of the organization, as well as for everyone to understand their role in the equation.

It is in this context that a corporate sustainability software can help organizations assess, monitor and implement environmental, social and governance actions that bring purpose to employees all while becoming an engagement tool. 

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