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What are the basic questions employers should ask themselves to develop a successful talent attraction strategy? And how can sustainability help answer these questions? 

Building a strong and unbiased talent attraction and retention strategy is, or should be considered, a core priority for business progress and performance. 

This need for talent is precisely what is bringing many HR leaders, as well as other business managers, to wonder how they can improve employer branding strategies and make their company stand out in the market. 

We believe there are a few basic questions all HR leaders should ask themselves when building their employer branding, and that sustainability can in fact help improve the answers. 

How can sustainability become an employee benefit?

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Why should companies aim to improve employer branding

Adopting a continuous-improvement mindset when it comes to employer branding is a must for any organization, as it is the only way to ensure companies are looking into the right talent pools. 

It is crucial for companies to understand the mindset of their ideal candidates so that their employer brand can actually align with such values, expectations and demands. Additionally, it helps candidates themselves know what they can expect if hired. 

All in all, improving employer branding is what sets companies apart in terms of the talent they are able to attract, train and retain. 

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3 Questions HR leaders need to ask to build their employer brand

Easier said than done, improving your company’s employer branding strategy is a matter of many things, from transparency to company culture and purpose. 

Here we have gathered 3 simple but necessary questions you should ask yourself if you want to build a more effective and transparent employer branding. 

What does the organization want to build, create or achieve, and why should people care for it?

What do we need to do to get there and what kind of behaviors and traits are we looking for in people for it? 

What do people want from a job, employer and career and how does company culture align?

These three questions can help us understand the reality of the state of the relationship and alignment between the company and its purpose and the expectations and demands of potential candidates or future employees. 

On the one hand, organizations need to clearly define and communicate their ultimate company purpose so that the right people, this is, people who are aligned with such purpose can knock on their door already convinced about what it is at stake. 

Secondly, and although company purpose is what ultimately matters most when looking for people who are on the same page, it is also important to bring in people who are aligned with the values and behaviors that the company cherishes and promotes as a means to achieve their goals. Similarly, these values and behaviors should also be clearly defined and communicated, as well as aligned with what the company culture actually is. 

Last but not least, on the topic of company culture, employers should also take a close look to what people in their organization and potential candidates value most and expect from their employers.

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How sustainability can help improve employer branding

The answer to this question is quite simple, in fact, arguably, a sustainability strategy could be the answer to the three questions we have seen before regarding a company’s employer brand. 

Sustainability could (and should) be the ultimate purpose of businesses, that being with a strong focus on the environment or society, it it undoubtedly a great moto to follow, and one that more and more people are looking for in their careers. 

Engage employees in the sustainability strategy

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Sustainability is, of course, about many things, from the planet to the people, including the governance and behaviors inside the organization. In this regard, fostering a culture of sustainability inside the workplace could be precisely what attracts candidates. 

It is also the coherence between the company’s sustainable purpose and how the latter translates into workplace and overall company culture that can improve employer branding, as it proves the organization is indeed aiming for real sustainability. 

Making employees an active part of the sustainable purpose

In DoGood, we aim to simplify the complex web of sustainability objectives for companies by offering a platform that translates the high-level ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) objectives into actionable tasks for every single employee. 

Then, each employee not only knows how to make an impact but also feels empowered to contribute meaningfully to the greater sustainable strategy. 

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