A guide to 2022 ESG trends

What is on the 2022 ESG agenda’s priorities?

The ongoing sanitary crisis has taken a toll on many aspects of our global society and economy, and of course, our increasingly damaged planet. The sudden collapse of life as we knew it a few years back inevitably shifted worldwide priorities and consequently caused us to relocate where to direct a vast majority of resources, time and efforts.

In this new context of the world and everything that encompasses human life, from the economy, to society, the environment and the governance systems that sustain them all, present risks and opportunities have varied substantially.

The mainstreaming of ESG factors has not only put these kind of ratings on the core of many investors’ financial decisions, but it has also encouraged a new common language and vocabulary surrounding environmental, social and governance concerns that aid transparency and help clarify choices made financially or otherwise.

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A guide to 2022 ESG trends

Through this guide we want to show how the main risks challenging our social and environmental livelihood today have heavily impacted what it is regarded as a priority in the ESG language. We also want to portray a set of trends that are not only relevant for investors, but that are actually potential elements for better corporate decision making. Although there is a long road towards sustainability, the cooperative nature of understanding and assessing ESG criteria on an international level, is a great first step. 

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