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The need to push corporate sustainability forward is undeniably important, and in many instances, compulsory. In this regard, looking for innovative technologies has become a great answer, including sustainability apps. 

Innovative technologies have for long been the answer to many corporate problems, from becoming more efficient to even more sustainable. 

As of late, mobile apps have made a stellar appearance in the corporate realm, specially in the sustainability one, as regulations and societal demands increase the need to transform organizations’ approach to sustainability. 

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The benefits of investing in sustainability apps

Sustainability apps, similarly to sustainability softwares, can help carry out a more in depth analysis and contribution to green practices. 

Furthermore, in order to understand the benefits of investing in sustainability apps, we could instead focus on the risks of inaction. This is, what would be the outcome of an organization who ignores the need to pursue sustainable and technological solutions?

Probably not a bright one. Stakeholders all around are demanding of greener and more sustainable practices, but these do not always come easy or fast; and this is precisely where sustainability mobile apps could help pave the way. 

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With the wide variety of sustainability apps and softwares that the market has to offer, there are a multitude of benefits that can arise from investing in such technologies. Here we have gathered a few of them.

Enhance sustainability awareness and knowledge

The first step towards building a more sustainable corporate culture is making sure employees and other stakeholders have the necessary knowledge and awareness on environmental and social matters. 

In this regard, a sustainability app could ease up the process to raise awareness among workers. With the mobile in hand, employees can directly have access to information, instruction or green practices. 

Improve employees' wellbeing

Beyond making sustainable progress for corporate purposes, sustainability mobile apps can help employees improve their own habits, lifestyle and wellbeing, as well their knowledge. 

People want to make better choices for their life and the planet, which in turn makes for a better and healthier workplace culture. In this regard, there is a lot to gain for companies who care for their employees’ and the planet in this way. 

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Use your data wisely

Data is one of the best resources companies have. Every and any quantitative and qualitative data is very necessary and useful for company reports. 

Sustainability apps can help bring more light to certain aspects of the sustainability journey of a company, including that of employees’ impact, which can be included in scope 3 and 4 emissions’ reports, as well as non financial reports. 

Building engagement and purpose through sustainability

We believe that employees are far from being indifferent from participation in sustainable efforts, and actually look for the opportunity to be actively engaged and find purpose in having a positive impact through their jobs. 

That is why through our technology we work to activate and track employees’ impact, creating engagement that translates into improved ESG metrics, reputational value and an overall positive impact for the environment and society.

Because the workplace can in fact become the perfect environment to find that collective eagerness to make a difference, both for the sustainability and purpose of the company and a more sustainable way of being for all.