“Nobody is perfect, what really matters is having the will to change and to do things better.” Galder Reguera, Project Manager at the Athletic Club Foundation

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A moment that changed your life

There are many. Life changes at every corner. The last was perhaps the birth of my second child. Children change the perspective with which you see the world.

You were born to…

I believe that no one has a life objective set from birth. There is no goal. There is a way.

Person or character you admire and why

More than admiring people, I admire certain qualities that I see in others, whether they are known or anonymous people. I am fascinated by perseverance, the ability to keep going despite the difficulties.

A quote

“Chance messes up life and orders fictions”, by Miqui Otero.

A smell

The smell of the cologne that my grandfather used and that now, from time to time, I apply myself. It takes me to him, who died when I was fifteen. I loved him very much and I miss him every day.

A food-stained napkin goes into the bin…

The napkins, better cloth. But if they are made of paper, to the organic container.

A model country

None, they all have their dark side. I miss here the sense of public responsibility that the political class has in other places. That idea that there is no greater honor and responsibility than serving your loved ones through public office.

An argument for investing in sustainability

Either we do it or in less than two generations the human species disappears. If this argument does not convince, we have nothing to do.

How often do you renew your mobile phone and what is the reason?

When it breaks down beyond repair. I don’t like mobiles, they don’t attract me much. For me it is a mystery that someone invests the price that the high-end ones cost.

What was the amount of your last electricity bill?

Well, I recently moved house and the bill at the new company was a bit high, but I think it’s because we used an electric heater for the first few weeks. Now we have it more under control. One way to reduce the bill is to turn off the devices that we are not using. Do not leave them plugged in just because.

What makes your skin crawl

A good read.

The best advice you can give to someone who is starting to think about sustainability

Nobody is perfect, what really matters is having the will to change and to do things better.