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A five step guide to conduct a successful materiality analysis

Sustainability is a matter that includes us all, from shareholders, to suppliers, employees, and the local community, and materiality analyses can be the perfect tool to make sure this premise remains true for organizations. 

Materiality analyses have in fact been around for quite some time, and their importance has continued to grow with the exponencial need for sustainability to be engrained in every process or activity of a business or organization of any kind. 

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Through this simple infographic we want to show how a materiality analysis can be done successfully and constructively by following five simple but crucial steps.

If you want to know more about the benefits of conducting a materiality analysis you can read all about it in our latest Materiality Analysis Guide

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The materiality analysis infographic

materiality analysis

Do you want to know more about how and why to conduct a materiality analysis? 

Guide to conduct a materiality analysis

This guide aims to create a comprehensive look at the whys and the hows of conducting a materiality analysis.