Sustainable technology. What is it and how does it help sustainable development?

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Increasingly, technology plays a key role in helping deal with current environmental, social and economic challenges. Technological advances have allowed us to advance towards a more globally sustainable development.

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What do we call sustainable development?

Sustainable development comes from the term sustainability. Sustainability refers to the satisfaction of current needs without compromising those of future generations, with the objective of guaranteeing a balance between economic growth, caring for the environment and social wellbeng.

Like so, sustainable development refers to a way of progress that uses current resources without compromisisng its existence for the future.

What are sustainable technologies, and how do they help sustainable development?

Sustainable technologies are those which are focused on the primary principles of sustainability. Those that through reusing, recycling, protecting natural resources and energy efficiency, help reduce pollution. Therefore, they minimize their environmental impact.

Certainly, sustainable technologies have into consideration the many needs of society. These technologies which are on board with sustainable development, use less energy for processes and overall use less scarce and limited resources. Consequently, they reduce pollution and the use of natural resources in all of its phases (creation, initiation and use).

Technological advances have allowed us to improve our quality of life beyond economic and social resources.

Sustainable technology examples:

These are some examples of sustainable technologies:

  • Virtual Reality

A very useful tool to create unique experiences, educate and raise awareness among different groups of people about many issues thanks to simulatons. Contributing to different causes like for example:. education, fighting inequality, protecting the environment, among others.

  • Business Intelligence

Allows data to be transformed into knowledge in order to optimize decision making, processes, operations and and understanding the past, present and future of a company or organization.

  • Artificial Intelligence

It is considered sustainable because it reduces the use of other devices, resources or materials in the company, as in order to achive productivity, it requires a lot less.

  • New cloud systems

Technologies based upon the cloud are a resource that has increasingly more value for companies. The avoid the need to invest in infrastructure for the storage of archives, the use of apps or corporate softwares, among others. They also allow sharing fisical resources with clients and suppliers.

Technology as a tool for sustainable development.

Increasingly, technology plays a key role to help us navigate current challenges That is why technological advances could help push Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) forward.

Without a doubt, technology can be a great ally to accelerate the compliance with SDGs.

More specifically, technological development could help contribute to:

Improve corporate resilience and sustainable performance, companies shoud accelerate their digital transformation pace.

Technology for adquiring sustainable habits

The task of adquiring more sustainable and healthy habits could require too much effort. Luckily, we are in the digital era. That is why using technology could be a great ally for achieving tasks like the latter.

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