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The concept of sustainability (ESG), assesses the sustainability and social impact of companies, has gained great momentum in recent years. According to recruiting experts, a strong sustainability strategy enables organizations to better attract and retain employees.


Companies with sustainability principles

Building a talented team is one of the crucial elements to maintaining a competitive advantage and successfully scaling a business, but the best talent knows how in-demand they are, and if employers don’t position themselves well they could lose good employees.

In the past, steady employment and regular pay may have been hallmarks of a “good job.” However, today more and more talented employees feel the need to work in companies with principles and values ​​in line with theirs.

When it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, companies are increasingly focusing on sustainability.

The benefits of workplace sustainability are not limited to attracting employees: studies have shown that a sense of purpose at work also plays a role in retaining top talent.


Make a significant difference

Currently, companies have gone from just seeking to generate an economic income to making money and having a positive impact, that is, obtaining benefits with a purpose.

Beyond having a corporate social responsibility program based on a philanthropic approach, a company must embed sustainable principles at the core of its business. As a result, you need to analyze and improve the sustainability of your operations and supply chain, making a positive difference outside of the business.

Giving back to the community by supporting relevant causes relevant to the company and promoting volunteerism are also a great way to engage the team.




improve productivity

For a company to achieve its sustainability goals, it must change attitudes within its organization and it requires the participation of all employees.

When companies show employees and potential new hires that they truly care about the environment and society, they are more loyal and productive.

It is important that companies convince their employees of the benefits and importance of reducing their carbon footprint.

A happy workforce leads to higher productivity, which saves money and also translates into a happier customer.

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