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Is workplace sustainability just a matter of environmental and eco-friendly solutions to every day tasks? It is certainly part of it, but far from being just this. 

It’s easy to see how many think of sustainability in solely environmental terms; more so if we apply this to the workplace.

This is, a sustainable workplace is probably one that uses less paper, powers its offices with renewable energy, offers no one-use-plastic utensils etc. 

But is there all there really is to workplace sustainability? What about the people who have to make such sustainability work? In other words, what about the workplace sustainability culture?

workplace sustainability

Beyond environmental sustainability

Companies now face a great deal of scrutiny if they do not start working in their sustainable reputation and practices.

For many, starting off with workplace environmental impact is a not very costly and beginning first step to start the sustainability journey; to others, on the contrary, this is not a priority in the grand scheme of things. 

Nonetheless, it seems as though the environmental challenge of organizations is the only aspect of workplace sustainability that tends to be addressed.  

Engage employees in the sustainability strategy
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However, it has become increasingly clear how sustainability is not just about the planet; take for example ESG or SDGs and it’s easy to understand how wide the spectrum is when we talk about sustainability. 

So if this is the case, and sustainability is beyond just its environmental connotation, why are companies not applying the rest of its definition into the workplace? Is that even possible? 

Building a culture of sustainability

A sustainable workplace is one where sustainability is embedded in each individual; beyond just recycling or using a refillable cup, it is about understanding what sustainability is and how to live and interact with others following such values. 

This is precisely the part most companies miss when trying to implement more sustainable practices in the workplace.

And while they are necessary, no real changes will come from such eco-friendly initiatives if employees do not feel the latter are a result of the workplace culture.

Otherwise, such actions may very well look like bandaids trying to cover the lack of sustainable awareness in the company. 

the ROI of sustainability

Engaging employees in sustainability

Of course, making environmental changes in the workplace is always positive, but workplace sustainability is much more than a few well intentioned office adjustments. 

First thing’s first, companies need to get people on board the sustainability journey in order to build the right corporate culture that would allow for responsible environmental, social and governance practices to move forward. 

In other words, a sustainable workplace is one where every individual breaths the same awareness and commitment to sustainability as the overall strategy and purpose of the company pursues. 

Embedding sustainability in the workplace

We believe that employees are far from being indifferent from participation in sustainable efforts, and actually look for the opportunity to be actively engaged and find purpose in having a positive impact through their jobs. 

sustainability culture

That is why through our technology we work to activate and track employees’ impact, creating engagement that translates into improved ESG metrics, reputational value and an overall positive impact for the environment and society.

Because the workplace can in fact become the perfect environment to find that collective eagerness to make a difference, both for the sustainability and purpose of the company and a more sustainable way of being for all.