How does corporate sustainability impact talent recruitment?

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Corporate sustainability is an increasingly crucial factor for job seekers and employees alike, and so it should take a similarly central role in recruiters’ talent strategies. 

At this point it shouldn’t come as a surprise how corporate sustainability -and communicating the latter effectively- can affect talent recruitment and retention.

Growing social, institutional or legal demands for sustainability make it a hard topic to ignore, but furthermore, it should be clear by now that the benefits corporate sustainability brings greatly outweigh its costs. 

Among those benefits are talent recruitment and retention, two of the most crucial elements ensuring the success of a company. Let’s take a look at how. 

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Sustainability and the evolution of the talent market

The talent market has evolved endlessly, and will most likely continue to do so; but what this really means is that it is a highly competitive market where any and every small and specific demand (such as corporate sustainability) can be very significant.

Furthermore, nowadays, when people are undoubtedly more informed than ever, researching companies before they even consider a position is not only a common practice, but one that can determine which companies get to compete for the best talent. 

Similarly, the big flow of information available to us has also transformed company reputation in a very delicate element that environmental and social causes have taken over, and rightly so. 

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As a matter of fact, there are quite a few surveys and reports that tell us this same story: environmental and social responsibility are the most prominent factors job seekers look for in employers, specially among younger generations. 

How corporate sustainability can improve talent recruitment

The answer here seems fairly simple; as people demand more sustainability from their employers, companies that put more and better resources in their corporate sustainability strategy will eventually attract the best talent. 

It is important to note, however, that when we talk about the best talent, we do not solely mean this in the sense of their technical or academic skills, but also in the sense that such talent will also be naturally more aligned with the culture and values of the organization. 

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To further indulge in the benefits of leveraging corporate sustainability in the recruitment process, it is save to say that people who are inclined towards sustainability will also be more likely to help further advance sustainable efforts inside the organization. 

This is a pivotal factor to take into account as regulations continue to overwhelm sustainability departments and more employee engagement becomes and increasingly necessary element for ESG and sustainability goals’ achievement. 

The sustainability and recruitment closed circle

If we can take something out of this is that sustainability and talent recruitment and retention can become a beautifully coordinated close circle. 

This is, companies can leverage sustainability efforts to attract the best of the best inside the talent market, and in turn future employees can enjoy working for a purpose they feel aligned with, all whilst contributing to further advance those sustainable efforts. 

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Transforming employees into sustainability allies

In DoGood, we aim to simplify the complex web of sustainability objectives for companies by offering a platform that translates the high-level ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) objectives into actionable tasks for every single employee. 

Then, each employee not only knows how to make an impact but also feels empowered to contribute meaningfully to the greater sustainable strategy. 

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