The chemistry of SDGs

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How can the chemical industry achieve the SDGs?

When talking about the sustainable development goals (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda, it is difficult for industry and chemicals not to come to the fore in reference to pollution. It is clear that chemistry has a great impact on the environment, but it is not this single issue that is closely linked to the chemical industry.

CSR and the chemical industry

Chemistry has a lot of presence in the day to day. It should not only be considered as something exclusive to the pharmacy or cosmetics. The dyes used in textiles have chemical components, as well as in water purification processes and in products that combat pests of different crops.

In other words, the chemical industry is essential for day-to-day life, which is why it has a great responsibility with the SDGs, above other types of sectors.

To work with corporate social responsibility for the benefit of the SDGs, the company can start by applying the principles in its own company. In this way, it should focus on labor protection against the use of certain chemicals that can be harmful, mainly in the field of research.

Advances in the agricultural sector must be directed towards alleviating hunger in the world, as well as reducing costs in the preparation of medicines and vaccines, to reduce the price and be affordable for developing countries.
The work towards employment in gender equality and equal pay cannot be forgotten.

zero environmental impact

In the products made, priority must be given to having zero environmental impact, eliminating all toxic substances that may affect animal or plant life.

It is essential that the sector join forces to achieve compliance with the objectives, and jointly implement policies that facilitate all these objectives. The chemical industry has a volume of 15% of the total secondary sector, so teamwork is as necessary as desired.

On the other hand, the volumes of capital that pharmaceuticals move facilitates the creation of foundations for sustainable research, clean renewable energy from any toxic waste and even the promotion and granting of study scholarships.

In the same way, these foundations and associations can more easily access to promote education in developing countries to achieve a fairer world community without socio-cultural differences.

All of these goals can be achieved through proper planning of CSR strategies. An assistant like DoGood raises and orders the different actions in a staggered manner and with gradual objectives that are easy to achieve. Another of its advantages is its ability to adapt to the different needs of organizations. With help, the SDGs will become a reality. More informaton here.