We have been finalists in the XII Corresponsables Awards!

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The Corresponsables Foundation, together with the Corresponsables media outlet and the Corresponsable Communication Observatory, held the XII Corresponsables Awards ceremony on Thursday, October 28, which we had the great pleasure of attending as finalists.

The Corresponsables Awards are a recognition that values ​​good practices in social responsibility, sustainability and responsible communication. It was a pride to know that DoGood had been selected as an initiative among more than 800 international candidates.

We are very grateful for the recognition by the foundation of our initiative as an official finalist of this new edition of the Corresponsables Awards.

With eleven editions of experience, and more than 4,000 applications submitted, this new edition of the awards gala has been one of the most participatory and internationally recognized. In addition, the wide dissemination thanks to the participants and collaborators has been key to the impact of the event and the values ​​it promotes.

This recognition encourages us even more to continue on the path we marked out when DoGood was born, and to work to continue being an example of good practices and social responsibility.

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In DoGood we are committed to improving the world through small actions in an innovative, measurable and fun way.

In addition, we help you activate the SDGs, improve your ESG metrics and improve the Non-Financial Information Statements through your teams.

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