DoGood has been chosen for Newchip’s Seed and Series A Accelerator Program

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We are proud to say we have successfully passed the application process for Newchip’s Seed and Series A Accelerator Program

After Newchip’s thorough examination, we have been chosen among a diverse number of companies across the globe into an Accelerator Program just a small percentage of participants have the chance to be a part of.  

This carefully crafted selection process is ideal to rapidly grow the best suited scale ups in the international market, as it partners investors and other relevant stakeholders with the most promising and scaling businesses. 

In DoGood we have developed a corporate government tool that helps establish ESG impact quotas for employees in regards to the sustainability strategy of the company. Through our SaaS technology we are able to activate and track employees’ impact, creating engagement that translates into improved ESG metrics, reputational value and an overall positive impact for the environment and society. 

Good corporate governance means that the processes of disclosure and transparency are followed so as to provide regulators and shareholders as well as the general public with precise and accurate information about the financial, operational and other aspects of the company.

We are excited to begin this journey and further develop our project to continue pushing forward impactful initiatives for a sustainable future where we can all be a part of the change. 

If you want to know more about how we work to create a positive social and environmental impact, click here.