Engage your employees to contribute to your ESG goals

Accelerate your company's sustainable transition through your employees

We break down the ESG goals of your company's sustainability strategy into specific actions for every employee

How can DoGood help your company?

Opportunities you can obtain with DoGood

Attract Talent

We impact your metrics to enhance your employer brand and help you retain the best talent.

Improve your ESG Ratings

We provide metrics to enhance your position in leading ESG ratings, rankings, and indexes.

Reduce reporting costs

We offer metrics to assist you in complying with regulations and guidelines of major ESG reporting standards.

Access to Sustainable Investment

We broaden your range of investment sources by accessing sustainable financing.

Credibility and Consistency with Stakeholders

We reinforce your sustainable position with your stakeholders.

Promote the sustainable brand

We enhance your brand image and positively influence your customers’ purchasing intent.

Improved Internal Communication

We open a new channel for you to communicate sustainability corporate policies.

Enhanced External Visibility

We generate communicative content derived from achievements with DoGood.

How does it work?​​​

How does it work?​​

We break down the ESG objectives of the company into specific tasks for every employee.​
Employees, with the app, complete sustainable challenges and generate a positive impact adapted to the main sustainability standards.​
We mesure and monitor the impact of employees from the platform.​
Report your contribution and improve the dimension of your non-financial report.​

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