Let’s change the world through sustainable actions

Climate action
What is natural capital?

As the word itself suggests, natural capital refers to the set of goods and services […]

3 ways to accelerate emission reduction

We have delayed reducing emissions for longer than the planet is able to sustain. There […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×10 Sustainable investment and the net zero economic transition

Isabel Vento talks about sustainable investment, about its importance and the regulatory trends that currently […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×09 Sustainability on SME’s

Marc Miralles talks about the importance of working on sustainability from the perspective of small […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×08 Building culture and sustainable leadership

Juan Parodi talks about corporate culture, engagement and leadership. It’s been a few years already […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×07 The importance of engaging employees into the sustainability strategy

Rodrigo Gómez talks about the importance of engaging every single person who is part of […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×06 Certification as a tool to impact on SDGs

Ana del Rio talks about the importance of certifying one’s company and comunicating the latter […]

Sustainable regulations
The future of Europe’s sustainable development

Europe is on its way to a near perfect sustainable agenda by the year 2030 […]

ESG criteria
ESG needs to be embedded in the company strategy

ESG reporting, and sustainability reporting metrics in general, are important for a variety of reasons; […]

Guide to the benefits of transparency

Why companies should advocate for transparency and the benefits it creates for businesses, society and […]

Sustainability culture
Inspiring employees through leadership

Yes, strong leadership is important, and sometimes tough decisions need to be made; but it […]

Sustainability culture
The benefits of reverse mentorship in the workplace

Traditionally, we have seen and lived through mentorship top to bottom, meaning senior workers guide […]

How to avoid carbon tunnel vision

When we talk about climate change it seems as though carbon emissions have become the […]

Climate action
Using business to protect the climate

It has become increasingly difficult to ignore the consequences of climate change on our every […]

19 min
Podcast 02×01 Energy transition and climate goals

Nieves Cifuentes talks about climate goals and the energy transition as a tool for leaving […]

13 min
Podcast: 02×02 The benefits and opportunities of working towards sustainability for companies

Mar Güell talks about the benefits and opportunities that come with working towards sustainability for […]

Sustainable reputation
What is green hushing?

If greenwashing wasn’t enough of a challenge, it is unfortunately far from being the only […]

Guide to employee wellbeing

Why does employee experience matter? And why should companies prioritize it? On average, we spend […]

Climate action
Stakeholder engagement and climate action

Businesses can benefit greatly from the effectiveness of climate action and policies, and it is […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×05 The trust crisis in society and businesses

Carlos Cerdán talks about the trust crisis in society and in businesses Data reflects a […]