Guide to transform sustainability into an employee benefit

How can sustainability become an employee benefit? What are the keys to build a responsible employer branding?

Employee benefits have long been understood merely and mainly in monetary ways. But is money all there really is to a good employee experience and a successful employer branding strategy?

We believe there is a lot to unpack when it comes to building an employer branding that puts people and the planet in the center, without forgetting company performance and profit.

In this guide we will tackle several key topics to understand how sustainability can indeed become an employee benefit: 

  • Understanding the importance of employer branding as well as its current priorities and trends.
  • Understanding the connection between responsible employer branding priorities and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • And lastly, bringing it all together to conclude why and how sustainability can become an employee benefit. 

“It doesn’t matter how many new and talented people you can recruit, if you can’t keep them for a long and healthy term.

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A guide to transform sustainability into an employee benefit

Through this guide we want to give a comprehensive and extensive look into how sustainability can take a leading role in responsible employer branding strategies and in fact become part of a company’s employee benefits. 

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