Guide: The value of communicating CSR

Why should companies communicate CSR?

Companies that establish CSR as part of their strategy, acquire the compromise to inform on a regular basis about the action carried out in this dimension, just like they do with the reports on financial management results.

In fact, corporate social responsibility may lose part of its relevance if it is done but no communicated. It’s important that stakeholders know about the actions and the results of managing CSR, since this affects greatly in the way they interact with the company.

Communication contributes to establishing a long term compromise of the company with the set objectives and the genuine value of CSR; when presenting measurable results of actions, we can highlight the return of the investment, that being intangible aspects like corporate reputation or a positive assessment of clients and employees, or tangible ones like cost savings, CO2 emissions or the inclusion of vulnerable groups.


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The value of communicating CSR

Through this guide we want to show the main obstacles and circumstances that companies may face when approaching the effective communication of CSR actions, management and results. Furthermore, we will be exploring the main KPIs that can help us measure the progress towards said CSR objectives.

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