Caso de éxito del proyecto DoGood con Taruga Creaciones

Taruga Creaciones wanted to convey the 2030 Agenda among its employees and introduce sustainability inside the company in a dynamic way.

The challenges of the DoGood projects that we personalized for Taruga were centered specifically around the environment and SDG 12 and 15, although also including a social aspect in regard to quality education, gender equality, diversity, sustainable cities and the end of poverty.

DoGood has served as a tool to give some beginning steps towards sustainability and educating employees in the 2030 agenda. 

On the other hand, company members have began to make ”solidarity murals”, painting murals in different NGOs or social entities as a way to contribute to society. They voted on where to paint the next soliarity murals through the DoGood tool. 

“A synergy is created around competition that only leads to the common good”
David Murcia García

“It makes you see how we are the ones who can make real change happen”
Elia Aparicio Navarro