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The challenge

In this context, and with a focus on people, Satocan wants to give its employees a first look into sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals in order to start to make its way in this area. In DoGood we begin by analyzing the engagment of employees with the company’s sustainability strategy. 

 And with this idea of generating a positive impact, training the workforce on sustainability for regulatory purposes and wanting to better understand employees’ interest in sustainability, we begin the set up of a set of dynamic and impactful challenges.

The solution

This new program consists on the launch of challenges that allow the continuity of participation, the dynamization of actions and the sensibilization of people about SDGs and sustainability. We begin by slowly introducing employees to the program to encourage the use of the tool and give them the necessary support.

With a hybrid communication plan and  real time impact tracing and measuring metrics, we manage to engage employees into carrying out more than 1,500 sustainable actions, saving up to 86,000 litres of water, reducing 1,400 kg of CO2 emissions and recycling more than 319 kg of waste. 

The outcome

We managed to improve engagement by three since the beggining of the program with Satocan, and we achieved the objective set up by the company in terms of compliance and regulatory requirements on employees’ training in sustainability.