ESTEL Engineering and DoGood project’s success story

They needed to find a way for both employees and the company to contribute to social actions on a direct or indirect way and transform this into an internal and external business practice. 

Thanks to the DoGood App, they found the way for employees to interact between different departments in order to contribute to doing good and learning nrey sustainable habits. 

For three weeks Estel employees completed daily challenges focusing on SDG 2, 8 and 15, which they recieved through the DoGood App. By completing these challenges, they wanted to encompass commitment with people, society, the economy and the environment.

Every employee of the company managed to reduce their use of paper in the office and home, fought against hunger through small habits that reduce food waste, and fostered decent work opportunities, all thanks to the actions employees have incorporated into their lives without major changes in their routines.

Thanks to the engagement of employees and Estel’s contribution, various projects were financed for non profit organizations like  Dentistas Sobre RuedasMallorca Sense Fam and Aspanob.

“Competition can be fun, as well as a means to help others”
Miquel Ibáñez

“Have fun doing good”
Débora Guinaldo

“An expierence that helps make people aware of responsible habits”
Ana Abellán