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The challenge

Our work with Edwards begins with the premise of implementing the 2021 HR action plan through the Sustainable Development Goals, and making employees part of it all while giving light to HR efforts in a tangible and accesible way for all employees.

Beyond engagement, Edwards wants to raise awareness on matters such as inclusion, equality and diversity, all of which accompanies with a focus on creating new sustainable and healthy habits on the day to day.


The solution

Our plan is based upon the launch of several challenge programmes throughout the year. which include every different area in the action plan such as the environment, health, wellbeing, equality, diversity and incusion. 

With the help of various onboarding sessions with employees, we were able to implement the tool smoothly, and at the same time develope challenges specially targeted for Edwards corporate culture, giving tangible visibility to HR efforts.

“With DoGood the 2030 agenda becomes a reality”
Carlos Baviera



The outcome

Throughout the year we achieved the active engagment of 81% of the initial workforce of Edwards Spain in 2021, with a total of more than 1,400 sustainable actions carried out by employees. Thanks to this we expanded our tool to two new working groups in EMEA and LATAM in 2021, as well as being present in the internal Newsletter in the US regarding the implementation of DoGood.

Edwards was additionally awarded with a price for its implementation of a Health and Wellbeing plan as part of its action plan.