Discover our SDG Guides for companies ...

At Dogood we have prepared the SDG guides for companies to help organizations meet the sustainable development goals. That is why every month we organize presentations related to the SDGs and CSR with industry leaders and at the end we prepare a guide on the SDG in question.

19 min
Podcast: 02×10 Sustainable investment and the net zero economic transition

Isabel Vento talks about sustainable investment, about its importance and the regulatory trends that currently […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×09 Sustainability on SME’s

Marc Miralles talks about the importance of working on sustainability from the perspective of small […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×08 Building culture and sustainable leadership

Juan Parodi talks about corporate culture, engagement and leadership. It’s been a few years already […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×07 The importance of engaging employees into the sustainability strategy

Rodrigo Gómez talks about the importance of engaging every single person who is part of […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×06 Certification as a tool to impact on SDGs

Ana del Rio talks about the importance of certifying one’s company and comunicating the latter […]

19 min
Podcast 02×01 Energy transition and climate goals

Nieves Cifuentes talks about climate goals and the energy transition as a tool for leaving […]

13 min
Podcast: 02×02 The benefits and opportunities of working towards sustainability for companies

Mar Güell talks about the benefits and opportunities that come with working towards sustainability for […]

19 min
Podcast: 02×05 The trust crisis in society and businesses

Carlos Cerdán talks about the trust crisis in society and in businesses Data reflects a […]

24 min
Podcast: 02×04 Tracing ESG actions through GRI standards

Manuel Meneses talks about the traceability of ESG actions by using GRI standards. From the […]

13 min
Podcast: 02×03 Stakeholders and materiality analysis

Teresa Justo talks about stakeholders and materiality analysis In the last two years we have […]