Graham Packaging Success Story

Graham Packaging is a leading company in packaging design, production and sales, working with some of the biggest brands in the world, and offering adapted products to the demand of consumers. With more that 50 years of experience, the company opts for innovation, imagination and sustainability.


Sustainable packaging manufacture

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The challenge

Graham Packaging wanted to make sure that all of its teams, in every different location, knew and learned about Sustainable Development Goals, raising awareness of the need to adopt new sustainable habits. Like this, they wanted generate and measure the engagement level of employees with the objective of improving their non financial reports given the impact arising from employees’ own actions. 

The Solution

We start the launch of the DoGood program in every European location, translating the tool into multiple languages to make it more accessible for everyone; additionally, we present a set of challenges that are manageable everywhere. 

We carry out a communication plan adapted to reach every user, no matter if they had a corporate email or not. We also procured HR and Sustainability departments wirh an automatic measuring and report of the metrics they were interested in. 


The outcome

Thanks to the more than 3,400 sustainable actions, employees managed to save 7,400 litres of water, reduced CO2 emissions by 3,4 tonnes and contributed to 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals

We found an increase in engagment ten times bigger than that of the beggining of the program in every European location, translating these resuts to the US for its inclusion in the no financial report of the company.