Fluidra Success Story

Fluidra is a multinational group publicly traded in the Spanish stock exchange market and a global leader in the swimming pool and wellness industry. With an extensive experience in the sector, they develop innovative products and services in the residential and commercial swimming pool international market. They operate at a global scale under their own premise of creating a perfect experience in a responsible way.


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The challenge

Fluidra was looking to push forward sustainability by raising awareness and helping their employees put in practice 9 of the several Sustainable Development Goals that prevail in the company, integrating sustainability in the day to day of employees.

The company wanted to focus on three distinctive main objectives:

  • Engage employees in the sustainability strategy.


  • Measure the impact employees’ actions had in said strategy.


  • Improve their non financial reports thanks to their own employees. 

The solution

We start off the DoGood program taking into account the differences of each delegation inside de group, as well as the participants of the program itself. In order to make it more dynamic, we engaged the president of Fluidra himself, Eloi Planes, to help us pass on the message and strategic value to each employee, as well to Sustainable Ambassadors and the HR team so they could encourage the use of the tool among colleagues.

The outcome

In a matter of a few days we achieved great active participation that grew exponentially. Furthermore, in just two weeks there were more than 2,300 completed sustainable actions, which translates into more than 2,200,000 liters of water saved and more than 6,600 kg of CO2 reduced.