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The community of former students of Esade University.

'90% of participants acknowledge having acquired new sustainable habits. DoGood means going from theory to action!'

The challenge

After the success of the first year, Esade Alumni wanted to continue motivating its community of former alumni to take sustainable actions.

The objectives that Esade Alumni pursued with this year’s DoGood project were:

  • Reach out to the international community.
  • Promote active participation in building a better world through the generation of new habits in sustainability.
  • Find an online tool that generates contact between the alumni community.

The benefits

DoGood has brought a fresh and innovative project; and in fact, as a curious fact, there was a common belief that since it is a mobile app, the majority of users would be young. Nonetheless, in this particular case, more than 50% of the participants were of advanced age, and stated that the app was very easy to use, that they had discovered new things and that the information offered was of great value.

According to Isabel, nowadays people need to be shown that companies do not participate in greenwashing, but rather that a coherence between what it is said and done exists and that sustainability is promoted at all levels. For her, raising awareness among the community is of utmost important. 

Thanks to the collective work of the DoGood team and those in charge of the project in Esade Alumni, we managed to achieve one of the highest participation indexes, reaching a 71% of user registrations.

By the end of the DoGood program, 90% of participants reported having acquired new sustainable habits and that they had already incorporated at least one of these new habits into their daily lives forever. 

Isabel also told us how, in regards to reporting, the data provided was very powerful, well organized, easy to communicate and easy to understand.

Impact data

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*Impact generated during one month.