Sustainable Investment Guide

Why are ESG factors relevant for investors?

In the last few years, ESG factors have become essential for socially responsible investment. They have more relevance than ever for investors when it comes to choosing where to put their money.

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Sustainable Investment Guide

With this guide we want to convey the pros and cons of investing in sustainability. Not so long ago, sustainable investment was merely seen as a trend, or a luxuty even, specially on economically uncertain times. It seemed as though investors could not waste their time on it, as there were far more important issues than sustainability, which, at the time, had no notable interest or urgency.

This attitude is now part of the past, and everyday more investors are jumping onto the sustainability wagon. In fact, funds that invest in companies with strong rooted ESG policies and strategies have registered a better profitability rate than in past years. Furthermore, sustainability is nowadays one of the best factors for investing in terms of risks.

Nevertheless, this is only the beginning. We are still witnessing the very first steps companies, governments and international organizations are taking towards sustainability.

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