3M Foundation Success Story

The 3M Foundation is a private non-profit organization build upon the objectives of advancing, supporting and promoting innovation and investigation through the education and trainning of professionals. With an extended presence in the practical realm, the foundation helps enhance corporate innovation and consumer satisfaction focusing on the sustainability of their practices.


Manufacture of industrial equipment

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The challenge

Coinciding with 3M Foundation’s sustainability week, we began our program with the organization with the intention of engaging employees in the sustainable purpose of the company, promoting sustainable and healthy habits in an innovative and easily applicable way.

The solution

Thanks to our traceability metrics, the Foundation, and employees themselves, they could find out about their impact first hand, helping give visibility to other activities inside the Sustaimnability Week and understanding the viability of the project’s expansion to other regions. 

In this context, we designed a program adapted to the necessities of users and with a narrative that helped make people’s engagement with sustainability easier and we prepared ourselves for a future expansion to other regions.

The outcome

After the porgram, the Foundation included DoGood in their impact report inside the non financial report of 3M Iberia 2021. In it we presented the more than 1,000 sustainable challenges that resulted in 35,000 litres of water saved, 1,062 kg of CO2 reduced and 34 kg of waste avoided. 

The tangibility of the impact of such actions helped promote and raise awareness in terms of the Foundation’s SDGs.