The OKR and sustainability guide

Understanding how an OKR methodology can improve corporate sustainability performance and boost employee engagement.

There seems to be a common trend among companies and their corporate sustainability strategies where ambition and expectations take the lead in their pursue of sustainability, rather than letting their own actions build the credibility and coherence needed.

As a consequence, we see strong and thought out sustainability narratives that are not necessarily followed up by the relevant action plans or initiatives.

This is where the OKR methodology comes in. A not so new way of doing business that prioritizes achievable and measurable information or goals in order to avoid vague narratives, unengaged employees and unhappy stakeholders.

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The OKR and sustainability guide

Through this guide we want to show how OKR methodologies work, how they can be implemented in the company, and the many reasons why the latter framework can help drive and improve sustainability performance and employee engagement.

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