Guide to conduct a materiality analysis

This guide aims to create a comprehensive look at the whys and the hows of conducting a materiality analysis.

If you have ever wondered what in the world is a materiality analysis, why should I care for it, and, most importantly, how can I actually carry out this seemingly complex task, this is the perfect guide for you. 

We have taken a simple three step approach to this content to guide through the most relevant theoretical and practical aspects of a materiality analysis: 

  • Introducing what is a materiality analysis and what are the basic characteristics and targets of this very popular process. 
  • Understanding why it is important, beneficial and worth taking your time to carry out a good materiality analysis. 
  • And lastly, understanding in four simple steps how a materiality analysis is done; from identifying materiality aspects to prioritizing through a materiality matrix and finally validating and reviewing it. 

« A materiality analysis is the backbone of a successful long-term sustainability or ESG strategy and performance. »

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A guide to conduct a materiality analysis

Through this guide we want to give a comprehensive and extensive look into what it means to carry out a materiality analysis, why is it so relevant and beneficial for sustainability and how to carry it out in four simple steps. 

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